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The Consortium
Into the onset of the apocalypse—after the civil war that broke apart within the facilities of Elysium & the Sanctuary—the so called Bionic warlords that had managed to escape brought along their subordinates—who were numerous in count. There were originally twelve of these warlords—with only seven of them surviving the wars. They labelled these capable, high-powered Bionic men as the Initiatives—tasked to lead their own Bionic units which comprised an innumerable amount of super soldiers each. These Initiatives were loaded with the HPK-52-e21 processor—which surpassed the Conviction Rating of 4. As a result, they held a significantly greater physical and intellectual prowess over the average Bionic. Initiatives were prominent engineers coming from every web and branch of the army of the United States, mostly veterans that were promised false assurances about the future of their families via monetary provision. The head facilitators of Project Revenant understood that once the implants are in place and in effect—the leverage to control these strong men with exquisite leadership would become a smooth sail.

The Initiatives were battle tested and were the living proofs of exquisite Bionic prowess. Humans in captive—mostly comprised of the homeless and the abandoned became test subjects for the experimentation. Deep beneath the Earth—these innocent men, women and children were swindled and coerced to experimentation; given the virus strain of the Chimera—or were forced to mutate to abhorrent and putrid creatures, all for the sake of testing. Subsequently, these so called dummies, as what Sanctuary & Elysium researchers called them—were placed in gladiatorial arenas with the sole purpose of simulating an authentic, real life combat—all to measure the effectivity and the skills of the Initiatives. To mitigate resources—a losing Initiative in these simulations would then be escorted into safety by the researching personnel—while the dummies were inherently killed—frequently with the use of poisonous gas or exploding bullets. The diminished sense of humanity in the Initiatives as the direct byproduct of their Bionic meta kept them from questioning these simulations—other than the infamous Commander Ulysses Reinhardt, who believed himself as more of a hero than a murder machine.

When the DEA began to unravel the secrets of Elysium Corporation & the labs within the Sanctuary—the risk of exposure had prompted the head progenitors of the project to take upon desperate measures. This eventually led to the well-known civil wars within every sector under Project Revenant—including the laboratories that created the feeble Chimera. No winner had emerged, and what's left were torn bodies of former men and warlords—and the smell of death. The number of units had shrunk from twelve to seven—showcasing the severity of the events that had unfolded within these secret bunkers. In the realization of the whole event's chaos and discourse—the remaining warlords agreed to abandon their loyalty from Elysium and create a pact. They produced a set of terms, agreements and fundamental laws—and how every unit should behave around humanity—and more importantly—with those from the other unit. These seven warlords called their new movement the Consortium, and they created a coterie establishing themselves at the pinnacle of the echelon—to which they named the Circle of Pure Thought. A handful of members from different units disputed the pact, believing that they had killed their brethren—and had lost many of their own for nothing. These men were mercilessly killed and shot by their own Initiatives in execution style—and these cold blooded murders became the symbolic start of the Order of Reason, or more commonly known as the Technocracy.
The Cascade
These units were now led under a technocratic dominion under the Order of Reason—which were ran by the Circle of Pure Thought—who served as the movement's councilors and shot callers. The Circle's roster comprised of: Ulysses Reinhardt, the chief and leader of the Bionic legion: White Striders, who maintained order, peace and stability. Viktor Kapimov—Initiative of the Bionic legion: Howling Waywards, ruthless killing machines that served the Circle's praetorian guards. Scott Yamazaki—Initiative of the Bionic legion: Redeemers, who specialized in assaults and offensive strategies. Cole Weider—Initiative and warlord of the Bionic legion: Silver Wraiths—the scavengers of the Order, masters of logistics. Kaiden Pace—Initiative and leader of the Black Talons, the masters of assassination and stealth. Lincoln Gruber—leader, chief and Initiative of the Bionic legion: White Crows—where exquisite espionage and deception expertise are prominent. Stanley Cho—leader and Initiative of the Oracles—master navigators and survivors.

Over time, they abandoned their old identities as military units and began to classify their respective Bionic armies as these legions in the aforementioned. It is widely believed that these legendary tales of united Bionic legions dominating lands and territories were the direct cause of the Chimera's shrunk population and near extinction. However, over time—these legions would eventually splinter apart and eventually fall obsolete—widely believed to have stemmed from Reinhardt's attempt for peace and cooperation with a powerful entity of the Chimera society—upon which believed to have became the key to the Chimera's victory. Reinhardt had gone missing alongside Kapimov—while Pace, Gruber and the rest of the Initiatives faced death at the hands of traditionally powerful enemies. The surviving residuum of what used to make the dominant Order of Reason were forced to recline from the open to the shadows—secretly pulling the strings in secrecy. Though unconfirmed—a common assumption that a joint force of the remaining Black Talons, the Redeemers and the Silver Wraiths had aided the ascent of the National Guard in their equipment and manpower—is still recurrent. However, the National Guard strongly denies these allegations.

The vagueness of this story still confuses Bionics to this day, and most of these narratives were passed down from camp to camp on a fast pace—likely skewed to the point that the facts had already been left out or ignored. Many Bionics have questioned their origins, especially those that were manufactured under Project Revenant—a good chunk of their population denies the existence of the Technocracy, all the while Bionics that were created and experimented upon within the so called unconventional laboratories hardly cared. Nobody is really sure of the Technocracy's conclusion—or if there ever was one. The common stories claim that it is them that is running the show from behind the curtains, protecting every Bionic from the dangers posed by the Chimera, or humanity—and that these powerful Bionics still roam and walk among their brethren undetected. Plenty of intellectual Bionics had formed conspiracy theories surrounding the Technocracy—perhaps due to the need of interesting topics in bonfire stories—or just the particular intrigue about the legendary group. Either way, whether their survival is rendered real or not—these Bionics served a big purpose in establishing unity in their kind—stepping into the summit of dominance and power—exerting their best efforts to become men of answers than of questions.
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