Chimera & Bionic: Children of the Sanctuary

Canonical stories that tell the history of our world.

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A radio transmission calls through. Fingers pit, one after another, endlessly in morse code. Cries go quiet over the radio and soon—life ensues in very unpredictable ways, as it always does.

I broke the silence and bathed in my own blood. I've been stuck in here for what feels like an eternity, drowned in stench and re-kindling every single trauma I have ever lived. I was in the devil's den and I couldn't leave. The labs are too potent, the things I have seen are things I could never turn a blind eye on, and I would definitely be lying if I said I hadn't regretted my life choices that led me up to this point. But all of that goes out the window now, I'm being hunted down and the only thing I could do when I'm this deep into a hole is to keep on digging until I can't any longer.
Investigative Efforts
After the collapse of San Fierro and Las Venturas to toxic radiation, what's left of the people in Bone County and Bayside barely had any time to react to the toxic waves sailing through their air. Deserters and bandits were rising up, some murdering in the lawless soil, others looting, but those that had proper minds sought shelter in the last standing outpost in Bernritter's Military Research Facility, more commonly known as Area 69. Those of affluent backgrounds and ties to the government had made their way inside, while the laymen were left to rot in the filth that parades the earth.

Daniel Valderamma wrote: I felt confusion with every second as I heard the floor creak, step by step. I looked up, and saw a man dressed like our servicemen always have. All I hear is sirens, and I know I'm at death's doorstep.— Journal, circa 2021

The "sanctuarymen" were composed of former soldiers, scientists, doctors, virologists, and their children. Those people were exposed to technology that transcends the timeline they've been stuck in for far so long prior to the outbreak—federal officials had access to advanced technologies far beyond the imagination of a millennial raised on 90s TV—since the children were plenty and considered soil for ripe, unethical experiments, as has been the case during the great wars, those of both biological and computer science expertise started integrating hardware parts into the aforementioned youth of the future. Many were sick, and those that were lucky escaped, though not in chains.
Research, Predicaments & Outlook
A scientist theorized that only those of above average intellect were capable of withstanding the experiments, as they have more brain matter to accomodate for the implants they insert in their subjects—the weak were overwhelmed by the signals routed to their nerves and brains—only those strong enough made a bond with them, and some even became better off with them. The most common side effect, however, is a lack of genuine emotion, as the implant targets the autonomic nervous system chain and disrupts the ganglia responsible for fight or flight, this prompts those experimental human beings to feel no change and have a weakened, though not entirely non-existent sense of emotion. Many of them waddle in their own depressing bubbles, finding absolutely no meaning in life and easing their transition into mindless killing machines.

These children had the ability to read into the thoughts of one another, as their implants route signals to parts of their brain responsible for visual and auditory receptivity, allowing them to communicate. They can speak with lips that don't move in close proximity to one another, though hardly any of them does so out of fear of losing their humanity—or what's left of it anyway.

Through sheer force of number, the Bionics had been sent on a test mission to kill those that refused to send their children for experimentation within the research facility in Area 69, and this marked a success in the journey to developing monstrosities capable of establishing an armed resistance to aid Elysium's efforts—the soldiers within the facility had all been outbid by foreign competitors with a knack for revenge—the military industrial complex was dented through a conspiracy, and no one's to blame. Those that truly had the worst fate were those with minds that were far from feeble: the Chimeras, the children who despised everything and were tormented with a mild virus injection co-apted with an antidote to worsen their symptoms. With time, however, they built immunity and were closer to the dead than any human ever has been before—they were gone, in every sense of the word, and only those lucky enough retained a touch of their humanity.
Following the news of the laboratory, the National Guard infiltrated the lab and launched a secret bombing campaign, destroying most of it to avenge Agent Valderamma who was murdered on-site during a tasked mission. Many of the children were escorted to safety through tunnels, with their families being left behind, and with many others trotting off to escape their torment amidst this opportunity. Some chose to live regular lives, some sought revenge, while others took their own lives as life worsened with the outbreak. Estimates vary on the number of children that were experimented on, though it ranges from 6,000 to 13,000: though some estimates exaggerate this figure up to as far as 25,000, their presence remains as no more than one of many conspiracy theorists conjured up throughout the apocalyptic space.
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