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Interests and oppositions hit surface on Desolation's realm. Control over different industries and certain territories mean power. The race to manufacture weapons, to engineer vehicles, to stack up on food has never been tighter. The race to power is here, with Desolation's first major update. Join the battle on the 18th of February 2023 at Desolation: Warlord release.

Warlords arose amid lawful groups complete annihilation. The remnants of government failed their people, lost power and were forced into exile. With nothing to hold back militias from taking what they desire, watching the sheer amount of hostility and aggression can kill anyone.

Looking forward to seeing you in the world of Desolation!

The following features will be implemented:
  • Groups may be formed by anyone, such as unofficial factions, that can scriptly engage in territory wars. Factions also get scripted after existing for a short amount of time without other requirements.
  • Control over zones will enable automatic food production, weapon production and oil drilling.
  • Capturing a factory will provide access to manufacturing cars.
  • Ultra rare airdrop calling via special flares, that Patreon contributors will be able to claim every month. Generally it will be available to players too, with the rarity of a sniper.
  • Drugs, marijuana and cocaine plantations will be added as highly seeked goods as they will provide temporary health boosts.
  • For greater survival immersion hunting game and fishing will provide food to those light hearted persons who choose these methods.
  • Clothing system will let you dress up your character with attachments. It is being discussed if we would allow masked people to be shot on sight to counter highly frequent robberies better.
  • Control over equipped weapon positions via saved adjustment system.
  • Players will access /deploy that currently only factions can access.
  • Patreon supporters will access fighting style options.
  • Factions will get access to drone vehicles, used for reconnaissance.
  • Micro city emergency sirens and lockdowns that seal the gates are inevitably coming. During lockdowns guards don't wait to shoot armed strangers.
  • Plundering cities without admin or staff assistance will be possible.
  • Unused items can be turned into scrap and other basic materials.
  • General NPC improvements and more dynamic bandit systems.
  • Smaller updates will include tie/handcuff items, animations and great social commands such as /blockpm.
Expect a series of events introducing new lore pieces. There are rumors that Athen Batallion planned a huge transportation of their armory.

Throughout the Warlord events the Robber Baron will make his first appearance, creating immersive story that player decisions influence.
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