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Character Name, and level: Lilith Everly
Account Name: Teddy
Desired Race: Chimera
Are you a member of any faction? If so, which?: No
Why do you want to roleplay a special race?: I would like to provide an immersive roleplay experience not only to myself, but to the rest of the people that is roleplaying or about to roleplay with me, and I have been heavily invested in the roleplay involving the prior bionic and chimera war when Project Revenants was a thing on the old server
Do you understand the rules set by lore applied to your desired race, and understand that you may be forcefully race changed if you fail to abide by them?: Yes
Do you understand that you could be subject to removal by a race moderator if found to be inactive?: Yes
Do you understand that you will lose your special race access in the event that you face administrative punishment?: Yes

Provide an unedited screenshot of your /stats:
Provide a brief description on the lore of your desired race:
(Essay here, no limit but exceeding 200 words is discouraged thus it may take significantly longer to get a verdict.)

The Chimera race, a product of covert genetic experimentation in a post-apocalyptic world, is a complex and enigmatic society. They boast a diverse array of lineages, each with its unique characteristics and abilities. Among the Chimera are the relentless Revenants, designed as hunters with a muscular build, red eyes, and skin resembling rigor mortis. The Children of the Void, created for deception and persuasion, exhibit more human-like appearances with hazel eyes. In contrast, the Orphans, an unintended outcome of early experiments, resemble humans and can assimilate into survivor groups. However, the most intriguing are the Nightwalkers, a hybrid born from a mixture of Elysium and Sanctuary mutagens. They possess pale skin, dark red eyes, and a predatory nature, with males gaining immense strength, while females exhibit supernatural speed. This diverse array of physical attributes reflects the complex history and variations within the Chimera race, making them a compelling and formidable presence in their world.

Provide a brief story of your character:
(Essay here, no limit but exceeding 400 words is discouraged thus it may take significantly longer to get a verdict.)

Lilith Everly's transformation into a Chimera was an unexpected twist in the turbulent narrative of her life. Born into a deranged and twisted family, her early years were marked by chaos, cruelty, and dysfunction.
Growing up in a family that had lost all semblance of humanity in the post-apocalyptic world, Lilith's household was a breeding ground for madness. Her parents, once survivors, had succumbed to their own darkness, indulging in heinous acts to ensure their survival.
One fateful night, as their depravity reached new depths, a group of marauding Chimeras descended upon their hideout. In a gruesome encounter, one of these chimeric beings sank their teeth into Lilith, injecting her with the potent virus that had twisted their own existence.
The transformation was swift and painful. Lilith's skin paled, and her eyes turned a haunting shade of dark red, mirroring those who had bitten her. Instead of resisting the change, she embraced it. The newfound power surging through her veins provided an escape from the torment of her family.
With her new abilities, Lilith managed to break free from the clutches of her deranged kin, leaving behind the nightmare that had been her childhood. She roamed the desolate landscape, relishing in her Chimera nature and the strength it bestowed upon her. Her agility, predatory instincts, and red eyes became symbols of her liberation.
She found herself drawn to the hidden Chimera society, a place where she could finally belong. Among her chimeric peers, she was no longer an outcast but a powerful and respected member. The conventional rules and restrictions of human society held no sway over her, and she reveled in her newfound freedom.
Lilith Everly had emerged from a family consumed by madness and violence, and her transformation into a Chimera was a chance for her to break free from her traumatic past. She embraced her chimeric nature, finding solace and empowerment among her kind. Her story was a testament to resilience and the ability to find light even in the darkest of circumstances.
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