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We believe roleplay is only good if players drive the development of our stories. Therefore, just as factions, anyone is able to create their own colony, settlement and take it to the point when it becomes a scripted city. Please note that factions are different to cities. It might seem confusing first, because sometimes factions stand behind cities, but just to be clear the in-character situation is the most important. Meanwhile, script-wise it is possible to be a city member, and a faction member that are two separated entities.

In order to become an official, scripted city the potential leader, called 'ruler', has to post a thread here in the Microcities forum section. Unlike factions, anyone may reply on the thread with their own screenshots when they interact with your colony, which is most likely tied to a certain area. (Such as Scarville is tied to Dillimore.)

Since cities heavily rely on mappings, once you have a thread with some activity you can request mappings. You are expected to roleplay some of the building processes and everything that is related.

The requirements to become official are the following:
  • Have a thread that has been active for at least 4 weeks (or 1 week if an official faction is behind the city);
  • Showcase the establishment of the microcity, either through building or claiming one;
  • Have visible in-game presence;
  • Provide immersive roleplay to people who approach your settlement;
  • City leadership must have a good standing within the community and no recent administrative punishments.
If you meet these requirements please reach out to the head of factions with your request.

Official, scripted cities have the following benefits:
  • Custom city mapping;
  • Interiors managed by the city administration;
  • The interiors can be tied to a city (or a faction too at the same time), and only city (and faction) members can /claim them;
  • Stores that make money for your city (weapons, medical, etc.);
  • Scripted, movable, lockable gates;
  • City leadership, which has access to invite or exile people from the settlement;
  • City commands: /cityon, /gates, /quitcity, /cityhelp;
  • Commissioner commands: /citizenship, /exile, /lockgates;
  • Ruler commands: /mandate, /countermand.
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