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The term "Antecedent Virus," often referred to as the "a-Virus" or more simply "the infection," is used to refer to a number of mutant Antecedent virus strains. The "a-Virus Project" was created by Elysium Pharmaceuticals in the late 1980s with the main objective of efficiently eliminating the need for a sizable conventional army and generating money for their eugenics program catering to the wealthiest in society, all as part of Project Revenant. The virus needed to be extremely infectious to the point of infecting the whole target population and it needed to ensure a 100% fatality rate. Such a virus was not conceivable due to the propensity of such contagions to spread too quickly and kill too many individuals at once.
Research, Efforts & Dominion
By 1988, research had progressed from developing a deadly, spreading virus to one that would transform victims to grow physically stronger. This was all done once the Communist-bloc had bolstered its ideas for defense from the rapidly growing Democratic-bloc and their failures in Afghanistan. They understood that a task of such high propensity was required as a safety measure, and thus: began to secretly funnel money into Elysium's Research & Corporation agencies through private shareholders of American citizenship.

With the collapse of the Eastern bloc, and soon the forefathers of Communism, Elysium Pharmaceuticals lost its grip and funding. The program was halted as they lacked the funding, and the company had filed for bankruptcy to avoid any ensuing legal trouble of any respect as there was a strong presence on their doorstep from the Drug Enforcement Administration. This helped the case go quiet, for now, especially as the group had pharmaceutical labs to cover up for their project — they had a "lab within the lab", almost similar to how the deep state functions.

Not long after the collapse of the USSR, funding was picked up by China exclusively and took over the project's intricacies. The innovative research team at Elysium Labs, led by Dr. Anna Strylsko, engineered a new species of animal that would hunt down and kill survivors, beginning with simple Bio-Organic Weapons and eventually culminating in the genetically-chimeric Vindicator. By the mid-2000s, Project Revenant shifted its focus towards creating intelligent bio-weapons, most notably the Chimera. After the dissolution of Genesis Labs in the early 2010s, the Progenitor virus became available to numerous organizations, allowing them to continue the research in their own way and dominate the weapon industry. As a result, independently developed mutagens such as the Inferno virus were created.
Crackdown & Aftermath
Daniel Valderamma wrote: Their presence is still strong and visible. They have undeclared sales and are suspected of tax fraud at incredibly obscene rates. Rates of capital murders skyrocket in the localities in which their facilities are located, and they are suspected of funneling funds into off-shore bank accounts in tax-free states to support their bankruptcy case. — DEA report, circa 2014

Come 2014, DEA Agent Daniel Valderamma had exhausted all his options in re-investigating the case following a surge of pharmaceutical sales at an unprecedented level from Elysium Corporation. He had been investigating the case for no more than three weeks, however, he had disappeared prior to reporting any progress. This led to an intervention from the DEA and a large-scale investigation, which promptly resulted in the shutting down of 36 labs and facilities responsible for the manufacturing of drugs until further notice: Elysium Corporation had their feet soaked in water, and it was clear there was something uncertain about their fate.

Elite scientists had been re-positioned to Mexico. The report indicated that there was a presence of Russian and Chinese scientists within the facilities to supervise their operations and that there was a growing threat in the south (mainly Baja California, Mexico).

There were some labs that had been uncovered with time, from 2016-2019. The project had never truly died, despite all the efforts made by the Drug Enforcement Agency and the involvement of other federal agencies. Elysium Corporation was officially shut down in 2017, yet their presence continued to strike fear in the hearts of everyday Americans on the news. The truth is: they operate under a shadow much similar to our reality, though with a more potent effect globally.

Their capabilities go beyond what can possibly be understood in human terms. This current reality is reflective of that — as it has been since 2021, when the outbreak had overwhelmed all that this country stands for, and the conspiracies had all come to light. They lied to everyone and left them to deal with the damage.
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