• Become the next warlord of Desolation Roleplay.

    Rule over the apocalyptic realm. Factions battle over valuable resources, survivors gather supplies and zombies are hungry.

  • Relive the classic SAMP zombie roleplay experience.

    Most players came from old gems such as Project Apocalypse, Vampires Werewolves and Humans and Los Santos Roleplay.

  • Feature rich script pairs with active community.

    Extremely detailed user friendly script, written from scratch, from roleplayers to roleplayers.

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Featured Screenshots:

Take a peek at the latest roleplay screenshots created, coming straight from the players.

Game Features:

Desolation Roleplay provides the unique experience of old school SAMP roleplaying. The thrill of danger is given by advanced AI zombies while players entertain with heavy roleplay.

Scavenge & Survive

Staying alive is not free. It is a never ending battle. Survivors seek food, water, medical supplies and firearms scattered all around the island. To live all the essential tools are out there, you just need to find them. Taking risk to explore dangerous bandit camps tend to highly reward the brave.

Zombie AI

Combining immersive roleplay with action has never been better. The AI controlled zombies keep even the most experienced pioneers on their toes. The infection caused by zombie turns dying characters into the enemy they depise, player-controlled zombies themselves. Unless they had some antidotes.


Creating a group to survive is the greatest tactic in all strategists's books. The wildlands base many different types of organizations, ranging from bandits, mercenaries and cults to armies, rescue services and merchants. Factions showcase their activity and become officially scripted in a week.


Who said angels do not exist? Help is on the way, look into the skies and collect either military or humanitarian airdrops. The red flare visible from far marks the location where the package gets dropped. Beware of other survivors, as these valuable assets may be also what they want to get hold of.


The lore features scripted supernatural classes. The development of viruses, as well as advanced technology reached far beyond what was imagined. Hybrids of humans and zombies possess undead-like abilities. To pick up the race against these living weapons the government developed augmented bionic humans.


Warlords take what they want. Control over different industries and certain territories mean power. The race to manufacture weapons, to engineer vehicles, to stack up on food has never been tighter. The race to power is here, with Desolation's first major update in 2023. Capture territories for your faction!

Connecting to the server:

To join Grand Theft Auto San Andreas version 1.0 and SAMP 0.3.DL is required. The server is hosted on server.desolationlabs.com:7777 domain.