A guide to fighting zombies.

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General tips. Useful info.
  • If you're in a car and zombies are hitting it - GET OUT! Trying to drive will only make them damage your car more. Even if you manage to drive away your car will still take a lot of unwanted damage.
  • Your melee weapon increases the damage you deal with your special attacks by a huge amount, so make sure to always keep one equipped. Special attacks are when you hold RMB and then click F. By default your character will punch, then kick.
  • If you - for some reason - ran out of stamina and are being chased with nowhere to run, you can jump grabbing onto a ledge, which will make zombies stand underneath you, enabling others to shoot them or giving you enough time to think.
  • Your gun skill depends on how fed you are, so remember to always drink and eat! At around ~%50 you lose the ability to walk while shooting.

Dealing with zombies using a melee weapon.
Zombies must be attacked one by one. Fortunately, it's easy to drag one individual away from the rest of the group. If you get too close to them, they will start rushing towards you. Better have your weapon ready right now. Once the zombie starts running towards you, I like to stand completely still waiting for them to reach me. Don't worry, you'll have a large window to react and attack. You want to hit as late as possible, preferably when the zombie is right in front of you. You want to use special attacks as they are most consistent (right click+F), once you manage to hit the zombie with your fist one of two things can happen. One: the zombie will stand facing towards you, meaning that your next attack (kick) will knock them down and let you easily kill them on the ground. Two: the zombie turns around, making their back face you. This could be either really good or really bad. Your best hope is to spam special attacks while trying to spin around, so that you can kick the zombie from the front. The reason I said not to hit until the zombie is right in front of you is because if you miss your punch, then the delay between the punch and the kick is long enough for a zombie to strike. If, god forbid, you manage to miss your kick - run. It is crucial not to get too greedy. You want to take your time with them. I mentioned using special attacks (right click+F), but that's just a personal preference. I like the special kick, because it knocks zombies down rendering them unable to attack for about 2 seconds. Video showing how it should be done: https://i.imgur.com/yHw0gNz.mp4 note that the zombie took about a dozen hits before dying, that's before I didn't have a melee weapon equipped.

So, what happens if you miss or a zombie starts chasing you when you weren't ready for it? Your best bet is to try and run as far as possible. Zombies' sprinting animation is the same as players', but players can tap space, which makes them run faster. You can easily outrun zombies. If you run fast or for long enough the zombies will either start walking or simply lose their aggro. Once you're far enough from a zombie you can turn around and get ready to fight. One thing I did not mention is when there's several zombies. In such scenario you run. You run as far as you can. Or just use a gun lol

I left this part at the very end, because it is a little bit of a flex and doesn't save any time: https://i.imgur.com/eEfYUpZ.mp4

Dealing with zombies using guns.
Shoot them.

Written by Masta